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4 Lifestyle Changes Can Add Years - Bare Skin Care
September 27, 2014
An individual who smokes, drinks a lot, is physically inactive and has an unhealthy diet has 2.5 fold higher mortality risk.
Mistakes About Fat - Bare Skin Care
September 25, 2014
Since the 1950s, fat has been taken out of our foods because we were told it would clog our arteries and make us fat. Ever since that misguided advice, we've become the fattest and most chronically sick nation in the world. 
Benefits Of Red Wine - Bare Skin Care
September 24, 2014
Red wine has been known to be "heart healthy" for some time now. But newer studies on resveratrol show that this substance found in red wine can also increase memory performance.
Maximum Time You Should Sit - Bare Skin Care
September 15, 2014
Sitting is the silent killer of the spine.

If you want back pain when you get older, or neck pain, then sit as much as possible.