KeriLyn Bollmann, M.D., FACP - Vital Integrative Medicine

Instagram@kbollmann_md Many of you know my former life was in academic medicine. I’ve had the privilege of teaching residents and medical students for my entire career.

Currently, I teach the first and second year medical students at the @uazmedphx how to take a medical history, do a physical exam, document, and think critically.

As I go along in my career, this is bittersweet. I remember that feeling of wanting to be in a profession that was just able to help people in all ways. Then through the years I realized that medicine is often just a business, and that we as health care professionals are often just cogs in the wheel of the “health care INDUSTRY”. Business. I hear the frustration and pain from both sides; patients and doctors alike. How do I shepherd these young professionals entering a field with so much uncertainty? How do I tell them that it’s not going to be as they imagined?

The good news is, hope springs eternal. I tell them they are resilient. I tell them they are free to choose a position in which they are fulfilled. I tell them they don’t have to leave medicine to be happy, and that they can find a place within the medical field that will bring them joy and help them to feel like they are making a difference.

Integrative medicine is that space for me. It’s the space where I can practice traditional Western medicine, and use people’s innate holistic gifts to help them heal.

I will continue to be a steward for people entering this field , as I still feel that despite the enormous challenges we face, it is still one of the most noble professions.