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Surrender - For Peace Of Mind

Have you ever lost a night's sleep, tossing and turning over a problem that seemed too big to handle? We've all been there. Days bleed into nights, and our minds churn over every "what if" until we're exhausted but no closer to a solution. But what if there was a different path – a way to find peace even in the middle of the storm?

That's where the notion of surrender comes in. It's not about giving up control or losing hope. Instead, it's about finding freedom by trusting in a power greater than ourselves. Think of a tense passenger in a car, white-knuckling their seat as they try to "help" the driver. If they could just relax, knowing the driver is taking them where they need to go, the ride would feel a whole lot smoother.

Ancient teachings like the Bhagavad Gita tell us this wisdom isn't new. Worry, they say, is a sign of doubt – doubt in both ourselves and in this guiding force. Trying to anticipate and control every outcome is exhausting and, ultimately, unnecessary. We can surrender our anxiety and find a surprising peace.

But how? It starts with prayer, but not the kind where we give a laundry list of our demands to the universe. True prayer is saying, "I trust you with this. You know what's best, and I'm letting go." It's a conscious choice between fighting for control or finding rest.

Of course, in the toughest moments, surrender can be easier said than done. Yet, it's precisely in those difficult moments that surrendering our will can yield the most extraordinary results and bring a sense of lightness we never imagined possible.

Isn't it time we honestly asked ourselves - do we truly believe in a higher power, or do we just want to play the role ourselves?


Who Is The Poorest Man In The World?

     The Poorest Man Is The One With The Most Desires!

If you want anything, you suffer.

If you don't want anything, you don't suffer.

In my practice of OB/GYN, I routinely brought all patients back to my office after their examination. And my routine question was, “How is the world treating you”?

And for part of my counseling I always mentioned Buddha's second Noble truth; ‘If you want anything, you will suffer’. Then the third noble truth, ‘If you don't want anything, you don't suffer’.

I have always enjoyed teaching and sharing what I had learned. Almost directly after my first trip to India. I shared my experiences with Mike, one of my colleagues. He was someone who the world thought had everything. He was good looking, wealthy, had a beautiful wife, a fine home, and a large medical practice.

One day we were walking and I started talking about India. I mentioned, “When you want anything, you suffer.” His almost immediate comment was, “I want it all!”

Unfortunately for him, that day the universe was listening. Within the year he had lost his home, wife, and medical practice, having been arrested for using drugs. His whole life had changed and the saying, “If you want anything, you will suffer,” became firmly fixed in my mind.

I can hear him clearly saying this more than 30 years later.


Imagine being able to converse with someone attuned to the workings of the universe. To walk with them and converse with them whenever you wanted. What would that be like? What questions would you ask this being?

I was fortunate enough to meet an individual like this in this lifetime. He was in India, and his name was Sathya Sai Baba. During my seven visits to India to see him, I experienced many so-called miracles. Miracles is a strong word. As a physician, however, I saw things that I know are impossible in the current medical sphere. 

Richard Alpert, a Harvard professor who changed his name to Ram Das, was lucky enough to spend two years in the presence of such a man. His guru was named Neem Karoli Baba. In one of several books Ram Das wrote, he described asking thousands of questions of his guru during his two-year stay. He said that after all this time, he only received three answers of all his questions, no matter what he asked. He would say, "How do I achieve peace of mind, and the answer would be, "Love everyone.” “How do I raise my energy level? And the guru would reply, "Serve everyone.” When I inquired about losing my temper, he'd say, "Remember God.”

Richard Alpert finally realized the only thing he needed were these three answers, to ANY question. Love Everyone, Serve Everyone, and Remember God.

If you do this, everything else will be added.

As an obstetrician/gynecologist and cosmetic surgeon, I was fortunate enough to have the privilege of caring for many patients. I decided on OB/GYN because it enabled me to have a varied practice; I did obstetrics, surgery, medicine and consultations. While I truly enjoyed my medical practice, I delighted consulting with patients, offering advice as necessary. 

After examining my patients, it was my practice to bring everyone back into my consultation room to answer any questions they had. And I always asked, “How is life treating you?” This allowed them to discuss anything they wanted. Some had many questions and some none. But they always had the time if they wanted it.

Over the years I grew with my patients, but my first visit to India in 1977 culminated in my spiritual growth as a person. I felt I had achieved medical expertise in my field. Until that time all my studies were dedicated to the practice of medicine. After India, I began to share my experiences with metaphysics and spiritual discrimination with my patients. And this was my “good time” in medicine.

The previous quote refers to a comedian I saw once in Florida. He stopped his routine, was quiet for a short time, and then laughed, saying, “I just told myself a joke. You’re having a good time, but I should have a good time, too.” Bottom line: we need to have a “good time” in this precious life we have been given.

This page of my website is my effort to help you all have a good time.

You can access this page in by clicking on "Pearls" in the header, or "Pearls" in the footer. I plan to update it frequently with different "pearls" of wisdom that I have accumulated over my many years.