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At BARE SkinCare we recognize that to have truly effective products lays not in a magical ingredient, but in the very structure of the molecules themselves.

Enter the future of Chiral skincare, a scientific approach that harnesses the power of molecular asymmetry for dramatic results.

All molecules exist in mirror-mage forms, called enantiomers. Most biological molecules, including those in our skin, are inherently chiral. Our DNA, amino acids, and even proteins exist in specific “handedness” forms. Only specific enantiomers bind effectively with our skin’s receptors, leading to desired biological effects.

So what does this mean for your skin care routine? Conventional skin care products often contain racemic mixtures, meaning they hold both left and right-handed versions of the same molecule. While some activity may occur, the wrong handed forms often remain inert, diluting the overall efficacy and potentially causing irritation. An example of this is L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), which is much more effective than D-ascorbic acid.

BARE Chiral skin care products on the other hand, utilize only the specific, enantiomer known to interact with our skin. This translates to:

Enhanced efficiency: targeted delivery leads to more potent results, whether it's wrinkle reduction, brightening, or hydration.

Reduced irritation: without the ‘wrong-handed” molecules creating confusion, the risk of unwanted reactions lowers significantly, increasing product safety.

Faster absorption: precise bonding leads to quicker penetration, and deeper skin impact.

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BARE SkinCare by Dr. Bollmann - Since 1998



SCIENTIFICALLY CREATED skin care products that promote healthy, glowing skin - without needing makeup Our goal is to bring your skin back to its original health, so little or no makeup is necessary. DARE TO GO BARE, with BARE SkinCare.


What Our Customers Say

The Very Best Peptide Serum

Radiant Peptide Serum, a powerful and innovative skincare product formulated with 8 peptides that will transform your skin and bring out its natural radiance.

Brittney Bouchard

Amazing products and fantastic

I am amazed by the change in my skin from the hyper pigmentation program. It has taken a decade off my skin and gained me compliment after compliment and disbelief at my age.

G.W. from Indiana

A long time user

Ordering was easy and the products were of high quality and looked great! I would definitely order from you again!

Ruby G

Amazing products and fantastic

I have used Bareskin for several months now! It is the BEST! I have used PCA& Skinceuticals Etc! BareSkin works the best! I love Bareskin and Dr Bollmann.


Scientifically created, Natural Appearance - Healthy Skin Without Makeup

I used to apply heavy makeup regularly. However, things have changed, all thanks to BARE SkinCare by Dr. Bollmann. I'm truly enjoying the transformation!

To look healthy

To look this healthy you need to use our BARE SkinCare products, and BARE supplements.

BARE Skin Care - no Makeup Needed

BARE SkinCare - no Makeup Needed

Stop covering up your face with unnecessary makeup and let it breathe.



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