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Stress has been known to cause many problems with our bodies and minds. I have long been an anti-stress advocate. The American Academy of Holistic Medicine was one of the first in the US of studiyng effects of stress on the body.

Via biofeedback, it was determined that if one accumulated 300 points on the stress chart in a 6 month period, there was a 50% chance of having a major illness, like heart attack, ulcer, etc. Each significant incident in one's life was given 150 points - e.g., a divorce, a marriage, a new job, losing a job, getting a promotion - it did not matter whether it was perceived good or bad.

A new study finds that psychological stress leads to weight gain.  Researchers from Harvard Medical School (Massachusetts USA) conducted a study of 1,355 men and women, ages 25 to 74 years, following them from 1995 to 2004. 

For women, who experience higher levels of baseline psychosocial stress in several areas, waistlines were affected by job-related demands, perceived constraints in life, strain in family relations, and difficulties paying bills. For men, the lack of decision authority at work and difficulties in learning new skills were associated with greater weight gain.

And even children will gain weight when under stress.

The best way I have found to reduce stress is meditation, followed by yoga, exercise, deep breathing, and just not sweating the small stuff. Recognizing stress is important. When you feel stress, relax and take deep breaths.

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