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Bare Skin Care -

We at Bare Skin believe in natural skin care, and feel the best product should include a combination of natural extracts and more conventional ingredients, for skin care products that act quickly to eliminate the effects of:

  Anti-Aging Expert

A 2005 study by researchers at Stanford University (USA) tracked 900 adults ages 50 and up for 14 years.  They found that the men and women who routinely exercised were less likely to develop pains in their joints and muscles, as well as rheumatoid arthritis.

 Men and women who ran, swam, walked briskly, biked, or did aerobics experienced 25% less joint and muscle pain. The pain-free men and women who engaged in brisk aerobic exercise COMPLETED UPWARDS OF SIX HOURS OF ACTIVITY PER WEEK!

Too many people complain that they exercise and it has no benefits. Walking to the couch is NOT exercise. Vigorous exercise requires working up a sweat. For exercise to have benefits, there must be INTENSITY and FREQUENCY. Working out 4- 5 times per week is three times better than exercising 3 times per week.

It should be mentioned that one must work up to a full exercise regimen. Starting out at 6 times per week vigorously is not only not intelligent, but dangerous.

Our Bare Skin serious anti–aging skin care provides you with a home facial product that defines natural skin care by allowing your skin’s real beauty to shine through! Our nutritional supplements help for anti aging and overall health.


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