Bare Skin Spin Trap Mask is a fantastic free-radical fighter for all skin types ! It contains “Spin Trap” which is an “intelligent antioxidant.” “Spin Trap” is wonderful development from molecular skin science. The “spinning” of a molecule makes it either harmful or beneficial for the skin. This powerful anti-oxidant mask traps all harmful molecules, and thereby strengthens the skin cells! Whether you have mature, oily, dry, acne or normal skin, this product delivers antioxidants deep into your skin cells, unlike few other products have achieved. The mask is ideally applied 2-3 times weekly. For best results, leave an even layer of the mask on the skin for 10 to 20 minutes, and then rinse well.

How Bare Skin was developed

And if you add Bare Skin Enhancer (an excellent exfoliator) in addition to the Bare Skin mask, you can have an effective HOME MICRODERMABRASION. The key to regaining or maintaining youthful skin is exfoliation! The Bare Skin Care Enhancer is a highly effective lotion that acts as an exfoliant to polish and refine damaged skin. It smoothes fine lines and imperfections, controls excess oiliness, and helps eliminate discolorations. While it moisturizes surface layer of the skin, it gently exfoliates to create smoother and suppler skin. The key ingredient is the Glycolic Acid Polymer. This form of Glycolic Acid is more natural to the skin. By linking Glycolic Acid molecules into strands, they penetrate the skin while propagating the skin’s natural polymers-elastic and collagen.


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