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Breakfast Balance

Among middle-aged men aged women, shifting a greater proportion of a day’s total calorie intake to the breakfast meal may help to curb weight gain. Addenbrooke’s Hospital (United Kingdom) researchers studied more than 6,700 men and women, ages 40 to 75 years, for nearly four years, and found that people who ate a greater proportion (22 to 50%) of their total daily calories at breakfast time gained 0.79 kilograms of weight over time.  By contrast, those who consumed 11% or less of their total day’s worth of calories at breakfast gained an average of 1.23 kilograms.  The team notes that each 10% increase in calorie consumption at breakfast equated to approximately 210 to 320 grams less weight gain on-average over a four-year period. 

Reflecting the adage that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day,’ avoid skipping breakfast. Not only may a hearty and balanced morning meal help you feel fuller until lunchtime, it might you better manage your weight.


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