Endurance Exercise Turns Back Aging Heart

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Bare Skin Care - Skin care can be summed up by 3 steps; minimal cleansing; moisturizing as needed and photoprotection (avoiding sun damage.) Once the basics are covered should one then consider: agents that supposedly repair damaged skin; start a regimen of antioxidants that protect your genetic material or consider the use of decorative agents.

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Endurance Exercise Turns Back Aging Heart

The heart deteriorates with age, primarily as a result of lack of physical activity.  Researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine (Missouri, USA) studied a group of 6 men and 6 women, ages 60 to 75 years, who were not obese but were living an inactive lifestyle, who were put on an eleven-month program of endurance exercise under trained supervision. Each subject engaged in walking, running, or cycling exercises conducted 3 to 5 days each week, for one hour per session. After three months of exercising to about 65% of their maximum capacity, then several months at 75% of maximum, the participants’ hearts doubled their glucose uptake, as is found in the case of younger hearts – an effect that helps to protect the heart against ischemia (low oxygen) and heart attack.

Consult your anti-aging physician to assess the level of fitness appropriate to your medical needs; s/he will help design an exercise regimen tailored for you.


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