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Researchers from Queen's University (Canada) completed a four-year long study of 136 sedentary, abdominally obese older men and women (minimum waist circumference was 102 cm (42.5 inches) for men and 88 cm (34.6 inches) for women). 

The subjects were separated into four groups: resistance exercise, aerobic exercise, resistance and aerobic exercise (combined exercise), or nonexercise.  

The team observed that the combined training regimen led to significantly greater reductions in insulin resistance (as compared to resistance training alone), and was also associated with greater improvements in functional limitations (as compared to aerobic exercise alone).  

Further, those who participated in the combined resistance and aerobic exercise program experienced an 18% improvement in cardiorespiratory fitness.

So when you exercise, use the combined method of resistance and aerobic exercise for the best effect. This will use all your muscles.


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