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We all know the "secret" of successful weight loss: Eat less and exercise more. It's not always easy, but by adopting healthy eating habits and a regular exercise routine, you are sure to lose weight without depriving yourself of nourishing, satisfying food. And if you continue those good habits after you reach your goal, you will have an excellent chance of maintaining your desired weight. Here are some tips for successful weight loss:

  1. Avoid artificial sweeteners and synthetic fat substitutes. They are unhealthy and don't help you develop good eating habits. Most importantly, the research shows they do not promote weight loss, and in fact, they are more likely to promote weight gain.
  2. Dietary supplements or "fat-burning herbs" are usually just stimulants - don't rely on them. The pounds will surely return once you've stopped taking them.
  3. Build lean body mass. Strength training burns excess calories and influences the way your brain regulates hunger, making you less susceptible to food cravings. Try lifting weights that are slightly heavier than you are used to and aim to complete 5 or 6 repetitions with a struggle, to challenge your muscles.
  4. Kick up your heels. Dancing is another great way to expend calories - an hour of fast-paced dancing can burn 400-500 calories, plus it's fun!
  5. Pay attention to the mental and spiritual aspects of weight control. Use relaxation exercises, instead of food, to combat anxiety.
  6. Avoid late-night eating. The snack foods we consume when sitting in front of the television or to curb a craving tend to be heavy on processed carbs and inflammatory fats. Plan your dinner at a time that does not leave you hungry before bed, and if you must snack, opt for a piece of fruit or a handful of almonds.
  7. Eat more healthy fat. High-carbohydrate, low-fat diets can create a "roller-coaster" effect - after eating, insulin spikes, then dips, leading to irresistible hunger. You can "flatten" the track by adding more heart-healthy fats to your meals, including an extra tablespoon or two of olive oil to salads, plain, whole fat yogurt or kefir,and choosing fattier fish for your entree.

Excerpted from Dr. Weil


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