A Doctor's Thoughts On Coronavirus

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 Dr Charles Bollmann, MD

My take on Coronavirus as a physician with many years of experience:

Things we have learned about the Coronavirus.

1. It is not as bad as we thought, and certainly not as bad as the Influenza epidemic in 1917, which caused a mortality of 33% - of the country. Which by numbers in 1917, was 110,000,000 people. That’s 110 MILLION deaths.

Well, we might surmise this virus is not as bad. Or it could be - (and certainly is) - that medicine has significantly advanced, enabling us to treat the virus’s effects better. Or maybe a combination of both.

2. Many people have already contacted the virus, and survived. In New York, 20% of people already have antibodies to the virus. Again, it is not as virulent as we were led to believe.

3. Heat and humidity kill the virus. Like most other viruses, it does not like heat. In Arizona, we are in good shape. As I write this, today’s high will be 98 degrees.

4. There is a good chance that UV light will kill the virus. This could be used effectively in restaurants, airplanes and other areas to help keep us safe. Some might disagree with this, but there have been studies which show that UV light in proper dosages is safe and effective against the virus.

Things we can do to prevent Coronavirus, other than the governments regulations (wash hands, etc.)


1. Keep your immune system in good shape.

          Eat well, exercise, have good sleeping habits, reduce stress.

2. Drink water, and more water. Hydration keeps the nasal mucous membranes moist, which helps prevent the virus.

Stress is one of the main causes of disease, or dis-ease. I have been an advocate of stress reduction since the 1970’s - meditation, biofeedback, exercise.

And this is where we have gone off the track. Shutting the country down for a time was a good idea, and we have done that. But I am confident that when statistics of this pandemic have been reviewed, we will find out the INCREASED STRESS from shutting the country down and social isolation will have caused more deaths from suicides, alcohol/drug abuse, domestic abuse, and financial disasters than the Coronavirus.

It is time to open up the country - just my opinion.


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