Are You Thinking Of Changing Your Job? A Doctor's Journey from OB/GYN to Cosmetic Surgeon

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The very nature of the world is mutability; everything changes. This morning, I visited my doctor — a brilliant cardiologist with 4 medical board certifications. (I don’t know anyone else certified by 4 medical boards). He surprised me by sharing his thoughts on a career change. It got me thinking… if he’s contemplating a shift at his stage, maybe you are too, especially if you’re in your 40s.

Looking back, that’s where my journey with BARE SkinCare began. Let me share my story…

The Demands of Obstetrics

I was a successful OB/GYN in Phoenix, but it was far more demanding than many may realize. In those days, nurse practitioners weren’t delivering babies; that was solely the domain of specialists. A scheduled 7:30 am hysterectomy could be upended by a midnight call from the hospital — a patient in labor, the nurse having misjudged their progression.

Despite the fulfillment, the relentless schedule was taking its toll. I’d traveled extensively to India and became deeply interested in meditation. I realized my practice wouldn’t align with that. Moreover, I desperately wanted to be present for my children and, quite frankly, to get more sleep!

The Shift to Gynecology (and its Limits)

My first pivot was to drop obstetrics and focus on gynecology. While this eased the frantic pace, it came with a serious blow: my income plummeted. In gynecology, it’s hard to make a decent living without resorting to procedures I consider excessive or unnecessary. This wasn’t the change I’d envisioned — I’d left a lucrative New Jersey practice for precisely this reason.

A New Path: Cosmetic Surgery

Seeking an alternative that still leveraged my medical expertise, I remembered that liposuction had been pioneered by a gynecologist. Intrigued, I embarked on a fellowship in cosmetic surgery.

This was truly a breath of fresh air. Not only did I master a whole new field, but it also opened avenues I never knew existed. Several of my mentors in the field had launched their skincare lines. Encouraged by them, I followed suit, and thus, BARE SkinCare was born.

Why Change at All?

You might wonder why I, or anyone, would consider a major career change in our 40s. The reasons run the gamut:

  • Unmet Needs: After years in a field, the initial passion can wane. You might crave deeper fulfillment than your current role offers.
  • Shifting Landscape: Job markets evolve. New industries or positions better aligned with your skills and experience might become available.
  • Finances or Stability: Sometimes, necessity is the mother of invention. A career pivot might be driven by income needs or concerns about your current field’s long-term prospects.
  • The Need for Balance: As we age, many of us prioritize differently. You might yearn for better harmony between demanding work and your personal life.

You’re Not Alone

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that between ages 18 and 54, the average worker switches jobs about a dozen times! Plenty of these shifts happen in the 40s and beyond. If you’re seeking change, know that countless others tread the same path.

Before the Leap…

Making a major job change later in life has its challenges, but equally, its profound rewards. A few things to consider:

  • Assess Finances: Have a safety net to cover expenses while you transition.
  • Prepare Thoroughly: Research potential fields extensively. Update your skills and knowledge base as needed.

The Reward of Change

Your 40s are perfect for taking stock of where you are and where you want to be professionally. If you’re yearning for a different path — one with more meaning, greater challenge, or simply a better fit for your life — don’t hesitate! My journey proves that thoughtful planning and a determined spirit can lead to a fulfilling (and perhaps surprising!) new chapter in your career. For me, when I retired from cosmetic surgery and gynecology, developing a new skincare line like BARE SkinCare was fun, gave me an ongoing income, and kept me from going crazy in retirement. Best of all, I can do it in my own time — without the surgical nursing supervisor telling me I was running overtime in the Operating Room.


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