Five Things You Should Know About Skin Care

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Five Things You Should Know About Skin Care

When it comes to skincare, there are typically misunderstandings and misconceptions that can lead to confusion and dissatisfaction. In this blog post, we aim to set the record straight and clarify some common misconceptions.

 1. Skin care products will NOT get rid of deep wrinkles - they repair FINE wrinkles.

The factor - deep wrinkles are not a skin problem, but a muscle laxity issue. The skin is a covering only. Cosmetic surgery is needed to fix the muscles.

2. One product will repair everything.

Unfortunately, this formula does not exist. Active ingredients can not be incorporated in one product and always be effective. They should be layered for optimal outcomes. This is the reason for the skin care ROUTINE.

3. Skin care products will open pores.

This is a misconception. Pores have no muscles to open and close them. They are constantly open. They appear closed when the skin oils get backed up, clogging the opening. The pores do not open or close.

4. Any product with retinol works.

A product listing retinol as an ingredient does not imply it will be efficient. This depends both on the amount of retinol in the product and the pH. Some products claiming retinol in the ingredients only have one drop present, insufficient to produce any results - yet they can advertise they contain retinol.

5. Simply because wrinkles disappear with a skin care product does not imply they will not be there in the early morning. They cause a puffiness only, but they reappear in the morning because they have not been corrected - they only appear so, temporarily.

This causes me to remember an old television program, Taxi. Jim, played by Christopher Lloyd, is a prominent drug user. He comes into work and notices his pal Alex is really depressed. Visiting him, he says, "Alex, I have something that will fix that, no problem. It has just one side effect." Alex states, "And that is." And Jim states, "It wears off."

Other things to keep in mind:

Inexpensive products will not work as well as more costly ones. Good ingredients cost money.
It is tough to eliminate wrinkles in the neck with skin care items. The skin in the neck is much finer than that of the face so products can not be utilized as aggressively.
Many of our BARE SkinCare consumers have actually been using our products for 20 years or more; that is because they are effective.


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