Dr Bollmann, Skin Care Specialist, Anti-Aging Expert

Recently I received this question from a long time customer of Bare Skin Care.

"Has the Rejuvenation Serum changed from the late 1990's? I have not noticed the peeling I used to when I used it."

Well, people did not like the irritation and peeling associated with Rejuvenation Serum, a retinol product, when it was first introduced. So we reduced the amount of retinol.

But in keeping with our policy of continually improving our Bare Skin Care products, and listening to our customers requests, we developed our Vitamin "A" serum, a retinaldehyde which is very similar to Retin-A (a prescription product) in efficacy but does not cause the irritation of Retin-A.

Chemists have been trying to develop a retinaldehyde for years, but could not make it last in effectiveness. It was not until Bare Skin Care was able to conquer this problem that an effective retinaldehyde was developed - our "A" Serum.

Our Vitamin "A" serum is a much improved product over Rejuvenation Serum. The retinaldehyde is more effective and less irritation than retinol. That is why we will not be selling Rejuvenation Serum after our supply runs out. We have only 4 left.


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