Dr Bollmann, Skin Care Expert, Anti-aging Specialist

Packing for a trip? Don't forget your skin care. If you can't take everything, these are the ones I take when I am flying or driving. Of course, driving you can take more. But flying requires some thought.

Karen McDougal, Bare Skin Care Model

First, of course, is sun block. I take my DNA Control Sun Block for my face, and a 50 SPF for the rest of my body. The DNA Sun Block can be used elsewhere on the body, but it is expensive, so I use a cheaper one for body. They make good sprays if you are going to the beach, but creams for other locations.

Our Bare Skin Care Cleanser comes in 4 oz, so for flying I get a plastic 2 oz container from Target, and put the Cleanser in there. Bare Skin Care Anti-Aging Serum and Final Touch come in smaller containers, so they work on planes. I would recommend putting all products in a plastic bags in case of leakage. Nothing worse than opening a suitcase to find your clothes covered in skin care creams. I always take Final Touch, as it has a SPF of about 17 - we cannot claim this because it has not been approved as a sun block, but my chemist says this is so. It is great for your morning drive, because you still get sun in the car.

If you are going to a dry climate, take Bare Skin Care Moisturizer. Or you might just want to take this in general.

One product I always take is Bare Skin Care Soothe. It works great for symptom relief of any irritation or inflammation, like hemorrhoids and even burns. However, since it contains hydrocortisone, it is not meant to be used on infections.

For short trips you might not need anything else; for longer trips, take Bare Skin Care "A" Serum or Night Cream. And consider our excellent Exfoliator, Elegant Enhancer.

This is my list, but you might have other favorites, so be sure to take them too.

And remember, best thing - have a great time. Life is an adventure of the spirit, and it is up to you to make it so. And while you are doing this, your skin will look and feel great.


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