Dr Bollmann, Skin Care Specialist, Anti-Aging Expert

If you have morning fatigue that gets better with movement, get your thyroid checked. Several scientific studies suggest that the real frequency of Hypothyroidism might be 50 - 80% of the population.

The number one complaint in hypothyroidism (HT) it morning fatigue. Other common complaints are loss of lateral third of eyebrows, lower eyelid swelling, swelling of face, hands, or feet - these are all worse in morning, as an increase in activity gets the blood flowing and decreases symptoms.

Studies also show HT decreases longevity, so it is important to fix if you aim to live longer.

Frequently during my practice I noticed treatment of HT will not work unless one has a good diet. Fruit is the most important thing. Increase fruit intake; more fruit, the quicker the conversion of T4 to T3. Decrease or eliminate Dairy - milk, etc.

Avoid protein at supper (meat, fish, chicken)- this is fundamental. Takes 9 hrs to digest protein, slowing down liver function and leading to fatigue in morning, decreased bowel movements and body movements.

 Treating with throxine (T4) frequently does not work; must add T3. Personally I take Armour Thyroid, but most insurances will not pay for this.

HT causes the skin to be pale and coarse; when correcting with thyroid hormones, consider using Bare Skin Care to bring your skin back to its' normal luster.

In summary, HT is more common than one might think; it is worth your while to have it checked.



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