What Do MDs Really Think Of Nurses?

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I wrote this answer on Quora years ago, and they just told me it was featured to over 5,000,000 people on Quora Digest. I had a good time reviewing it, and wanted to share it. Nurses, like teachers, frequently do not get the credit they deserve.

Here is the answer: What Do MDs Really Think Of Nurses?

Not much. That is, until my third year of medical school when I was introduced to the Pediatric ward. The head nurse on Pediatrics was like our God. She knew everything and we essentially knew nothing.

Whenever we had a question we went to her to get the answer. Incidentally, she was a hot blond so we all had a lot of questions.

As a resident, you learn that medicine is a team effort. And nurses are an essential part of that team. As an Obstetrician, a good nurse can tell you when you can sleep a little longer, or when you better come in ASAP.

In the office, the nurse runs the place, keeps you in line, and frequently tells you what to do. If you are smart, you listen.

And in the OR, they can keep you out of a lot of trouble. I have frequently heard a nurse say, “Are you really going to cut there?”

Who needs them?


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