Anti-Aging Tip - How To Keep Stress in Check

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Keep Stress in Check

The hormone cortisol is produced during times of stress by the adrenal glands (located atop the kidneys).  You can reduce cortisol production by restoring adrenal balance, including by boosting the adrenal gland production of DHEA (see Tip 46):

  • Go outdoors:  a lack of natural light causes seasonal depression and may lead to an imbalance in adrenal function.  Go outside for at least one hour each day, making sure to splash on the sunscreen that's appropriate for your skin protection needs. 
  • Go whole:  Eat a whole foods diet.  Minimize (preferably, eliminate) caffeine, sugar, and alcohol -- substances that elevate adrenal function. Eat food, not too much, mostly vegetables. 
  • Supplement the adrenals:  Consider taking a daily nutritional supplement of DHEA or Siberian Ginseng, which contains a compound that the body uses to manufacture pregnenolone, the precursor to DHEA.  Consult an anti-aging physician to determine the best dose for you.  
  • Identify possible food allergies: With the help of an anti-aging physician, find food triggers of stress and develop a proper food rotation diet, keep the physical demands on the adrenal glands to a minimum.

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