From Dr Bollmann, developer and owner of Bare Skin Care.

This is a true story. One day recently my wife looked at me and said, "What is wrong with your face?"

Well, this is never a good thing to hear. So I said, "What is wrong with my face?"

She then remarked that it was all dry and flaky. Well, since I have been getting older, I was not using my Bare Skin Care products, and told her so.

So she said, "What is wrong with you; you know better." So I started using them again.

About a week later, I met someone new while playing pickleball. When I told my age, he did not believe me. He said my skin looked too good. So I got out my license and looked at my age to make sure I was correct - and sure enough, it showed that I was --- ha, you thought I was going to tell, didn't you!



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