Why Doesn't My Skin Care Work

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There are several reasons why some skin care routines or products do not work. First thing to realize is all skin care products are not equal. Second is that all products do not contain everything they say, or in the amount that produces results.

For instance, a product label says it contains retinol. But just how much? And is it with other products that do not enhance it.

The large commercial companies usually put only a very little amount of potent ingredients, like retinol, in their skin care. Why - two reasons; one, they are expensive. And two, they are selling a product with a concern for legal issues. If a customer gets burned, irritated, or otherwise has a bad side effect, they do not want to be sued, or read a blog about how their product can produce harm. So you buy a product that contains retinol, but unless you actually bathe in it will be ineffective.

The best way to get what you pay for in skin care is to purchase cosmeceuticals; these products are a cross between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. They are more effective because they actually produce a result and improve your skin, like advertised. If they say they will improve wrinkles, they usually will.

However, with all skin care one must have realistic expectations. Wrinkles due to skin laxity, like seen in the neck area, are not wrinkles but a weakness in the muscles supporting the skin. No skin care product will remove these. Same goes for very deep wrinkles in the face. When products say they will cure wrinkles, they mean the fine wrinkles in the face. Other treatments for deep wrinkles are necessary, such as lasers, face lifts, etc.

So, for better skin care, use cosmeceuticals. 

And, a final tip to make your products WORK BETTER. Use a good TONER!

     A Toner works like a key in a lock. It unlocks the cell membrane, allowing the skin care ingredients to penetrate deeper.

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