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This is our ever alert product manager contemplating the current change.

A Vitamin A product is an essential element in all of our Bare Skin Care programs. Initially retinol (Vitamin A derivative),  contained in Rejuvenation Serum, which has been one of our best products, was our choice. However, we have been able to develop a retinaldehyde which is much improved over retinol; it is more effective in eliminating wrinkles and other problems, and is not as irritating.
For some time this retinaldehyde has been our Bare Skin "A" Serum, which is a much better product. Hopefully you might have noticed this has replaced Rejuvenation Serum in ALL our Bare Skin Care Programs.
The reason, simply - our Bare Skin "A" Serum is a better product.

Therefore we have decided to eliminate Rejuvenation Serum from the Bare Skin line.
We have only 4 left, then it will not be renewed.

At Bare Skin we continue to evolve, bringing you the best skin care products available at a reasonable cost!

We do appreciate your business, and wish you all a Happy, Peaceful Holiday. While we can't fulfill all your holiday dreams, we CAN provide you with the best skin care to make you look beautiful for the holidays!

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Bare Skin Care is pleased to announce our new Vitamin C product - REVIVE C SERUM, which will replace  Natural Young Vitamin C Serum.
As you may or may not know, most Vitamin C products on the market are not effective, because it is difficult to maintain stability of Vitamin C. So whatever the percentage claimed, e.g. 20%, you are really not getting that much of the Vitamin.

In keeping with producing products with the best ingredients that are the MOST ACTIVE, our new Vitamin C has 3 elements of Vitamin C!- water soluble, oil soluble, and an ester of C - sort of a triple threat. I am sure you will love it, and it will be available next week on the web site - at an introductory price.

As an aside, Vitamin C does have some protection against UVA rays - but not for prolonged exposure.

Consequently, all Bare Skin Programs will remain the same, except Final Touch will be deleted as part of the program.

Our other new product - Bare Skin Intense Lip Repair, has been so well received we sold out almost immediately, and had to reorder.

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Works on lines around mouth, lines on lips, dry skin

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A feature I am really happy with is our SEARCH.
This is especially great for those ordering on mobile phones.
Instead of having to scroll down to see various products, if you are interested in something specific, e.g. Vitamin C Serum, just put Vitamin C in the SEARCH box at the top of the home page (right side), and Vitamin C pops up. Click and place your order

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