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Dr Bollmann, Anti-Aging and Skin Care Specialist

Vegetarian burgers are far more toxic than conventional beef patties.
Am I the only one who doesn't like veggie burgers? At present I have felt the need to eat meat, so I am no longer a vegetarian. But for about 10 years I was.

During that time I tried as many veggie burgers as I could find - but never could "acquire a taste". Which was disappointing, since I like burgers.

More current information might tell why. More than 99% of vegetarian burgers at grocery retailers are made with soy protein isolate (aka textured vegetable protein, aka soy meal). These substances derived from defatted soy flour are mostly used in pet foods, but sweetened up with sugar and spices to help improve their taste. Soy oil is generally separated from flaked soybeans -- leaving defatted meal that’s ground into flour -- using a chemical called hexane, one of the volatile organic compounds that constitutes natural gas, crude oil and gasoline. Since more than 95% of soy is also genetically modified, you're also getting a nice dose of transgenic DNA in your veggie burgers.

The Cornucopia Institute, a U.S.-based progressive farm policy outfit, had samples of soy oil, soy meal and soy grits tested, and both the soy meal and soy grits exceeded the hexane limit in food of 10 parts per million. A bigger question we might be asking ourselves is why there is a hexane limit in our foods in the first place???


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