We would like to apologize to all those who have been going crazy trying to order from our shopping cart.

It is now fixed!

I did not realize that one of our web site developers changed something that made it almost impossible to order.

But it is now working as it should, and I am looking into making it even more user friendly.

Two things I would like to stress - Bare Skin Care is on par, at the very least, with ANY skin care product line available. And it used to be much more expensive. But since we don't have a physical office, and sell only on the internet, we have been able to significantly reduce cost while maintaining quality.

So remember, when you see other products for sale at 4 times the cost, they are no better than Bare Skin Care - and most, despite their lofty cost, are not as good.

Secondly, celebrating our 20th year of Bare Skin Care, we are continuing 20 % off on selected products.

Thanks for using Bare Skin Care, and sticking with us.


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