How To Stay Healthy

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Dr Bollmann, Skin Care Specialist, Anti-Aging Expert, CEO Bare Skin Care

Quality of life - how to achieve and maintain it.

Last week a good friend of mine was having a bad day. Actually, a terrible day. But she needed to get her picture taken for a story she had published - the publisher required it. And she insisted on doing it right away, despite my advice.

Well, she got the picture and it was horrible.

You might ask why that was. The simple answer is, what is going on inside shows on the outside!

That is one reason I always talk about stress; it affects the outside, as well as the inside. And no matter how much Bare Skin Care you use, if you are unhappy inside, it shows on the outside.

As I age, I have been very fortunate to "stay young". I do this through a strong spiritual belief, meditation (stress relief), exercise, proper eating habits, and assorted medications that I feel are important.

With good quality of life, one can achieve health and maintain the body - up to the age of 85. I say 85 due to inflammation (which causes aging) and the shortening of the telomere (the end of the chromosome), which is something that occurs with aging.

Now this does not mean one can't live past 85 years. You can live to be 100, but you will not only look it, you will feel it. However, until about 85 there is no reason one can't live a healthy, active life. I should point out that I am talking about today, not the future. Scientists are actively attempting to prevent telomere shortening, and if this happens, then things might change.

Back to how do we get to a healthy lifestyle that shows on our faces (and the rest of the body) - besides using Bare Skin Care products, of course.

As stated above, exercise is a must - at least 4-5 times a week. An anti-inflammatory diet, with mostly fruits and vegetables. Stress reduction, preferably with meditation. And no negative thoughts (this is extremely important). Thoughts show what is on your mind, which then show on your face.

Personally the medications I take are Melatonin at bed time, a good multivitamin with minerals - the one I take requires 3 per day to get proper doses of minerals and vitamins, Coenzyme Q10, and a baby Aspirin. I feel these help reduce inflammation in the body, which causes aging.

And for an added benefit, use our Bare Skin Care Program for Wrinkles to not only get you looking your best, but keeping you there.

Happy Life = Healthy Life

Love All, Serve All.





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