Dr Bollmann, Skin Care Specialist

Acne is a worldwide problem for both men and women. If not treated correctly, it can leave lifelong ugly scars.

For an economical and affordable way to treat acne, consider our Bare Skin Care Mini-Program for Acne - contains 4 Bare Skin Care products: Cleanser, Cranberry Fresh, Night Cream, and Spin Trap Mask.

Our Bare Skin Night Cream, which is part of the program, contains retinol, proven to help in the treatment of acne.

If you would like our regular Bare Skin Care Program for acne for both men and women, this contains 8 products.

Whatever your skin care problem, Bare Skin Care is available to fix, control or maintain your skin to be at its' very best.

Bare Skin Care has the best face cream, best skin care line, best acne treatment for men, best wrinkle treatment, and was developed personally by skin care specialist Dr Charles Bollmann.

Six weeks after treatment with Bare Skin Care



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