Dr Bollmann, Skin Care Specialist, Anti-Aging Expert

Bare Skin Care Acne Free is a proven Comedone (blackhead) Conqueror and Acne Avenger. And it works as well for men as for women.

No matter the description of the product, Acne Free produces successful results! Acne loses its will to survive and skin looks healthier once this amazing product is applied to blemishes.

A number of female testers commented on how seamless their makeup was applied over Acne Free, unlike a number of products on the market that leave a cakey residue.

Our male testers enjoyed the transparency of Acne Free, giving them the freedom to go throughout their day without white splotches over the face.

The success of Acne Free comes from an uncomplicated, perfected blend of acne fighters and healing caregivers – working together to magically banish acne and promote healthy cell renewal.

We use a patent-pending USP grade Micronized BPO. Traditional BPO is larger than skin’s pores and often irritating. Our BPO is smaller than 10 micron allowing it to penetrate the pore and attack P. acnes bacteria without causing irritation.
The days of unintelligently harming the skin for the sake of no pimples is over… Abracadabra! Acne Free is here and acneic skin never looked better!


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