Thin, Sensitive Skin - Fix It With Bare Skin Care

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As we age, the skin becomes papery thin, and suffers from a decrease in oil gland activity (which also may cause skin to become dry).  Largely a function of hormonal decline, specifically estrogen, you may benefit from a hormone replacement regimen using bio-identical hormones. Estrogen is only second to Retin-A in skin health and preventing wrinkles.

  • Use natural (bio-identical), not synthetic, agents - bio-identical are just that, the same hormones your ovary produces, which the body is able to use safely and efficiently
  • Prescribe proper dosing (as stipulated by laboratory testing for deficits), not supraphysiologic dosing. However, make sure the dose is sufficient and not just a low dose. Too many doctors prescribe doses that are too low for medico-legal reasons.
  • Conduct regular follow-up office visits and lab tests, to monitor progress

In addition, our Bare Skin Care products are perfect for correcting thin skin and maintaining the health of the skin. Bare Skin Care Rejuvenation Serum contains retinol, which is similar to Retin-A in effect, although it is not quite as strong. However, it is 10-15 times less irritating than Retin-A. And we use glycolic-acid polymer to increase the effectiveness.



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