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It is common to run your hand over your face and feel rough, uneven areas. While the skin usually exfoliates every 40-42 days, sometimes it does not completely slough off, leaving an accumulation of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface.

These dead cells are usually discarded by the body via a natural process called exfoliation, where newer cells push older skin cells to the surface and the uppermost layer of dead cells flake off to reveal the newer cells underneath. However, for some reason exfoliation does not always happen. The resulting build-up of dead skin cells causes the skin surface to appear bumpy and rough in texture. 

While a body brush or loofah will aid exfoliation, it is not always a good idea to use these on the face. Body brushing is a good way to stimulate blood circulation, which in turn can help to eliminate toxins, and get rid off dead skin cells. For the best results, brush every day before bathing or showering.

For the face, an excellent exfoliator is Bare Skin Care Enhancer. And when used with our Spin Trap Mask, it is similar to a home microdermabrasion.


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