Some little known facts in eye care:

     When showering, don't rub the eyes vigorously, or press in on the eye with force. There is a condition called conjunctival chalasis, where the conjunctiva separates from the underlying tissue and produces a fold. This can feel like there is a foreign body in the eye, or even produce blurring of vision occasionally. It also can be confused with dry eye.

Treatment is to stop rubbing vigorously, and use lubrication with artificial tears. But prevention is even better.

Don't let a forceful shower hit the eye directly.

Always wear sun glasses when outside, even during cloudy days. This will protect your vision. (Unless, of course, it is too cloudy to see adequately).

See your eye doctor for regular visits, and keep your vision up to date with appropriate glasses.

Proper eye care will keep your vision as good as possible even as you get older.

Oh, and pick good parents with good genes for eyes.



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