Best Skin Product To Look Young At Age 23

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Dr Bollmann, Skin Care Specialist, Anti-Aging Expert

I was recently asked this question on, an informational web site:

What products should I use to keep my skin looking young and wrinkle free? I am 23 years old.


At age 23, the best product you should use to keep your skin young and wrinkle free is SUN BLOCK. Sun damage is the worst thing for the skin at this age, where you are laying down collagen regularly. After age 30-35, then you can consider other products to prevent skin damage.

Preferably at least an SPF of 40, reapplied at least every two hours when in the sun, and applied 20 minutes before sun exposure.

An interesting aside - many women will use sun block on their face, but forget to put it on their hands - as they age, dark spots appear and while their face might look young, the hands do not.

The sun block I recommend is Neova's DNA Control Sun Block, which is what I use personally whenever I am in the sun.

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