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Since the 1950s, fat has been taken out of our foods because we were told it would clog our arteries and make us fat. Ever since that misguided advice, we've become the fattest and most chronically sick nation in the world. 

The fact is, we need healthy fats for our health. Our brains, immune systems, hormones and cell function depend on this precious macronutrient.

On top of being deficient in healthy fats, when a food is labeled "low-fat" it typically means they replaced the fat with lots of processed sugar or chemicals. Michael Pollan, in his book, In Defense Of Food, gives an excellent explanation of why we should "eat food, not too much, mostly vegetables." He explains that food is actually found in nature, like meat, eggs, etc. And why we should avoid processed food. His advice - in the supermarket, shop on the edges where the actual food is, and not in the middle where the processed food exists.

Fat doesn't make us sick and gain weight; it's what we have done to the fat that is the problem. Factory farmed animal fat, partially hydrogenated fats, highly processed oils like canola and vegetable will all lead to inflammation and chronic illness.

The solution: Eat good fatty foods. Avocados, coconut oil, pastured eggs, full fat grass-fed kefir, and if you eat meat, fatty wild caught fish and grass fed beef. 

5. Sugar-free foods 

This misguiding food labeling term confuses many people who are trying to avoid sugar. They consume sugar-free and "diet" drinks or food, thinking they're picking the better option. 

It's really no secret now that the artificial sweeteners used in many sugar drinks are linked to chronic disease, and they actually make you gain weight. One study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that drinking just 12 ounces of diet soda a week increased risk of diabetes by 33%. Drinking 20 ounces of diet soda per week increased risk of diabetes by 66%! 

Just to be clear, I am not suggesting that you go for the regular soda now, either! It is like picking between two slow poisons: Don't go for either. 

The solution: Try infusing sparkling water with fruits like lemon, lime or berries! 


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