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Are there risks to cell phones? Scientific evidence is saying there are. It is an interesting fact I just recently learned that the incidence of autism in males was 1:25,000 in 1945. Today, 1:67. Wow, did not know this.

Is our society killing itself? The Roman Empire did this centuries ago. They were drinking wine in metal goblets, with a large quantity of lead. Many of them developed dementia, or Alzheimers, and this was one reason for it's demise.

And why are many countries like Russia banning cell phone use in ages 5-18. It is illegal in Russia for children to use cell phones. Many other countries like Finland, Spain, Greece, Japan are trying to get rid of WiFy. The electromagnetic frequency can cause inflammation which is the root cause of all disease. In the US, we are even putting cell towers in schools, because they are paid by the companies to do so.

The scientific evidence is mounting against putting a cell phone to your head, or having it on your body. Malignant tumors occurring with increased frequency on the side of the head where the cell phone is used are being reported in the scientific literatureAnd you may rethink having WiFi in your home, your office – and your Bluetooth car? Yes, those become wireless microwave radiation hotspots. 10 higher-quality studies at the University of Berkley in California found a harmful association between mobile phone use and tumor risk. The harmful associations were mostly found in studies found for brain tumors in studies where individuals had used mobile phones for ten or more years. The associations were stronger on the side of the head where people predominantly used their mobile phones. 

Can anything be done to reduce the inflammation we are constantly receiving from our environment? One simple solution is grounding. The earth is being struck by lightening  thousands of times per second, generating trillions of electrons which are body needs because they are being used up by our environment. Remember, the body is essentially all energy.

So how do we ground and receive these electrons. Simply walk barefoot on the earth, on grass, the beach. You can even walk on concrete (but not asphalt). This is one reason we feel so good after returning from the beach. So if you read a book, put your bare feet in the grass.




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