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New Uses For Cleanser - Bare Skin Care

by Charles Bollmann December 02, 2014

 Dr Bollmann, Skin Care Specialist, Anti-Aging Expert

Our Bare Skin Care Cleanser is one of our best selling products. It is a great make-up remover as well as a Cleanser.

But there are also other uses. Personally when I use this product, it is usually in the shower, and I use it not only on my face, but also on my neck, hands and arms. You will find this helps the skin on these areas in good condition. And a little goes a long way.

A wonderful cleanser for all skin types! Whether you have dry, oily, normal, mature, or acne skin This cleanser will assist to balance your skin, while thoroughly removing dirt and makeup without dryness or residue. It lathers strongly, and you only need a tiny amount. It leaves your skin clean without stripping it of all natural oils. It is a fragrant combination of calendula, chamomile, rosemary, sage, passionflower, papaya and raspberry extracts. With presence of Shea Butter, and Aloe Vera, it maintains the skin’s moisture level while controlling oiliness. The Yucca Saponins extract is an anti-irritant and increases the skin’s cell growth.

Charles Bollmann
Charles Bollmann

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