Dr Bollmann, Skin Care Specialist, Anti-Aging Expert

Today people go out of their way to look young. As we live longer, we have to be in the work force for a longer period, and employers tend to hire young and eliminate the old. So "looking your best" is not simply cosmetic anymore.

What are the tell tales of your age? Your face, of course. But there are a myriad of treatments to keep the face looking young, from cosmeceuticals to lasers.

However, there are other tell tales of one's age, especially for women. After the face, the first is the neck. While skin care products can help the sagging, unfortunately this is due to muscle laxity and not just the skin. So a face lift involving the neck is about the best you can do. Or cover it up with scarves, etc.

But the most frequently neglected tell tale for aging is the hands, especially in women. And the arms. Recently I saw an old friend whose face looked good for her age, but she had brown spots all over her hands - and this not only gave away her age, but looked unsightly. And with the sun damage, there was also an increased laxity of the skin.

The moral: too frequently we give every effort to the face to eliminate the appearance of aging, but forget the hands. This is easily corrected by using a sun screen when in the sun. Apply it on the hands and any exposed skin areas - including the ears. Actinic keratoses (pre-cancerous lesions) can occur on the ears and lips as well as other areas.

You will not only look your best, but may be able to keep a job longer.


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