Layering Skin Care Products - Why Is This Important

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 Dr Bollmann, Skin Care Specialist

Why A Skin Care Program and Just Not A Single Product?

We have long known that LAYERING of skin care products works much better in achieving skin health and correction than combining ingredients in one product.
With this in mind, Bare Skin Care was developed.
For a complete explanation of our Bare Skin Care program, and what each product does to improve the skin, we developed the following video on You Tube.

Our research and development has just added our new Bare Skin "A" Serum to replace Rejuvenation Serum in the program. We strive to keep current on all advancements in skin care, and our "A" serum is a significant upgrade with no increase in cost. "A" is a retinaldehyde, better than retinol and less irritating than Retin-A, a prescription item.




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