Dr Bollmann, Skin Care Specialist, Anti-Aging Expert

Among women , frequent sunburns in your 20s may sharply raise your risks of future skin cancers. Those women who had at least 5 blistering sunburns in early life and adulthood were predictive of [basal cell carcinoma] and [squamous cell carcinoma] risks, whereas melanoma risk was predominantly associated with sun exposure in early life.

it is imperative to wear sunscreen, the single most basic intervention for skin cancer. Sunscreen not only provides protection against the damage that can lead to skin cancer, but it shields the p53 gene, a gene that works to prevent cancer. Sunscreen protects against all three forms of skin cancer: BCC (basal cell carcinoma); SCC (squamous cell carcinoma); and malignant melanoma.

The daily use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen slows, and may even prevent, sags and wrinkles, enabling one to look younger than their actual age.

My advice to prevent skin aging:

Use sun block of at least 40 and apply every two hours while in the sun; avoid sun bathing; sports are OK to be in the sun, as long as one uses sun block. Physical blocks (hats, long sleeves) should be added whenever feasible. Physical sun blocks are better than chemical ones. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are examples of physical sun blocking agents.

For women, use bio-identical hormones when you reach menopause, as long as there are no contraindications. These will help prevent wrinkles and keep the skin healthy. 

To prevent and remove wrinkles, consider the Bare Skin Care Program to maintain skin health, restore skin vitality, and make you look and feel younger.


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