We at Bare Skin offer anti–aging skin care products that provide you with effective, proactive treatment, with natural skin care ingredients like chamomile, calendula, rosemary and aloe vera, for what many feel are the best organic and natural products available! 

Heidi Fogelsong, Media Personality, Bare Skin Testimonial

Anti-Aging Tip

Caffeine may help improve both the effects of your exercise routine, and how well you recover from exertion as well.

Researchers at the Australian Institute of Sport found that athletes who consumed a small intake of caffeine before exercise maintained their stamina far longer than those who did not consume it.   The caffeine also boosted the amount of weight lost during physical activity.  As well, pre-exercise caffeine raised exercise capacity by 3.5%. 

A separate group of Australian researchers, from RMIT University, reported that people recover faster from an exercise workout by drinking caffeine.  In their study of a group of endurance cyclists, the team found that the consumption of caffeine, along with carbohydrate, improved the glycogen content in muscles by 66% at four hours post-workout. 

Enjoy 6 ounces of coffee or tea – unsweetened (so as not to add unnecessary calories) – 30 minutes prior to your workout.

I have personally found that drinking a cup of coffee in mid afternoon helps decrease my appetite at dinnertime and keeps my weight stable. But limit caffeine to two cups per day to limit adverse effects.

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