Estrogen Prevents Breast Cancer

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Well, it's not really news. The FACT that bio-identical (exactly the same as a woman's natural hormones) estrogen and progesterone can reduce the risk of breast cancer by eighty percent (yes, 80%) has been known SCIENTIFICALLY for many years.

So why the problem? Many physicians still will not prescribe hormones despite the evidence. I recently met a woman from Chicago who was refused hormones because they were "only placebos". This is not only ignorant, it is cruel.

The problem goes back to the Women's Health Initiative study, which was halted by the FDA because of the increased risks of breast cancer, heart attack, blood clots, and stroke. The drugs used in this study were Premarin and Provera (also in PremPro). This combination has been shown in numerous studies to have PRECISELY these problems. 

For many years I have advised against these SYNTHETIC hormones, (Premarin and Provera). Provera is 60 times stronger than natural progesterone. In recent years hormones have had a bad rap because of the Women's Health Initiative study, which revealed exactly what we would have expected - SYNTHETIC HORMONES have problems. The wrong conclusion was made, that is, hormones are bad. It should have been, SYNTHETIC HORMONES are bad. 

When we study bio-identical hormones, we actually find how beneficial they are.

So here is the NEWS:-

    Bio-identical (a woman's natural hormones) 

        decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke by 50% (Premarin and Provera) increase it )

        decrease the risk of breast cancer by 80%

        reduce the risk of osteoporosis by 50%

        reduce the risk of Alzheimer's by 80%

        reduce the risk of osteoarthritis by 40%

        reduce the risk of colon cancer by 40%

In summary, they protect the BRAIN and improve overall QUALITY OF LIFE.


The Women's Health Initiative study has surprised many physicians even though this was truly an expected result of these synthetic hormones. The reasons Premarin and Provera are prescribed are mutli-factorial. Many doctors are just not aware of the risks of these hormones. Many rely on pharmaceutical reps (the ones selling the drugs) to bring them new studies on their drugs, and obviously nothing negative is brought in. And drug selection by physicians is driven by insurance companies, who decide which drugs the physicians may use by deciding which drugs are on their formularies. Insurance companies encourage the use of Premarin, Provera and PremPro because they are economically priced and have been the standard treatment for many years. They make it difficult for a doctor to choose another drug. Also, many doctors are creatures of habit, and used to prescribing these drugs. And many doctors feel the problems were not that bad and besides everyone else was using them.

I recommend women find a doctor who is well versed in these natural bio-identical prescription homrone replacement therapies.

(Parts of this blog excerpted from Holtorf Medical Group, Center for Hormone Imbalance in California).


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