Dr Bollmann, Skin Care Specialist, Anti-Aging Expert

Several years ago, I attended an anti-aging conference where one of the theories of preventing aging was caloric restriction. Several theories were presented, and the consensus was that the most common cause of accelerating the aging process was inflammation. Consequently, preventing inflammation was important in alleviating the aging process.

While I agreed with the inflammation theory, caloric restriction never made sense to me. So I was happy when I read the following from a review of the 37th Annual Symposium on Aging and Regeneration.

"Caloric restriction has been shown by many researchers not to be a viable strategy for humans. It is appropriate for simple multiple cellular organisms. Extreme caloric restriction for humans is fraught with a bevy of side effects, and is not well tolerated. It is estimated that the majority of humans who are older in the US are pathophysiologically overweight. Caloric restriction has ostensible side effects in terms of severely reducing the capacity to robustly exercise, and could induce virulent sarcopenia. It is a problematic protocol which could attenuate the quality of life in the aging human phenotype. Furthermore, older humans need sufficient striated muscularity in order to efficaciously exercise which does induce optimal quality of life. In general, inordinate caloric restriction is a problematic strategy for older humans.

Weight loss and ardent exercise conditioning regimes are a much more viable strategy to enhance quality of life, and mollify the pathogenesis related to many age related maladies."




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