Aerobic Fitness Turns Back Biological Clock

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Aerobic Fitness Turns Back Biological Clock

Studies have suggested that maximum aerobic power in men falls by up to half between the ages of 20 and 60; in women, aerobic power starts to fall by age 35 and drops by up to half by age 60.  Researchers from the University of Toronto (Canada) found that those who maintain aerobic fitness through their middle age and beyond delay the aging process by more than a decade.  Specifically, the team identified seven studies that document that when aerobic power increases by 25%, 12 years of aging-related loss of fitness can be reversed.  The researchers also observed that aerobic fitness warded off risks of serious illness, promoted recovery after injury or illness, and reduced the risk of falls. 

Regular aerobic activity promotes muscle power, balance, and coordination. With the guidance of an anti-aging physician, take steps to maintain your aerobic fitness as you age, because doing so may prolong independent living as well as quality of living.


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