Bare Skin Anti-Aging Serum: this serum is the most advanced anti-aging serum available, and is ideal for every skin type! It is light and easily absorbed and offers protection from free radicals with the active anti-oxidizing ingredients such as D-Boldine Extract, Spin Trap and Green Tea Extract Whey Protein Powder firms the skin and Fullersomes are the delivery system for deeper penetration of this product into the skin. Heavy Water provides moisturizing and skin conditioning properties to this serum ! The serum is complemented by the Natural Young C Serum, and best results are obtained when both serums are layered on top of each other. 

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Conquer Cholesterol

Thirty percent (30%) of total deaths worldwide are a result of cardiovascular disease (CVD), most prominently heart disease and stroke. Previous studies have demonstrated the therapeutic value of Vitamin C supplementation in reducing total serum cholesterol.   National University of Health Sciences (Illinois, USA) researchers found that Vitamin C exerts a beneficial effect on LDL (Iow-density, “bad”) cholesterol, which may be a more reliable predictive measure of coronary heart disease risk than total cholesterol.  Conducting a meta-analysis of thirteen randomized controlled trials, involving a total of 405 study participants (average age 58.9 years) with elevated cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia), the team observed that daily supplementation of Vitamin C (at 500 mg/day, for a period of 3 to 24 weeks) resulted in a 7.9 mg/dL (equivalent to 5%) reduction of LDL cholesterol.  The researchers submit that this reduction translates to a 6.6% reduction in coronary heart disease risk.


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