While recently in Costa Rica my wife commented how well her skin looked due to the humidity. She mentioned that Bare Skin Care probably would not do well there. Except for the sun screen maybe - our DNA Sun Block. The sun is particularly hot there, and sun block is essential. I was amazed at how fast one could get burned, and in my recent post I blogged about sun burn causing skin cancers of all types, including malignant melanomas. These show up later in age, when sun exposure at the very least causes actinic keratoses, which are pre-cancerous lesions and necessitate frequent visits to the doctor as you age - always a fun thing to do. Photo-damage caused by the sun guarantee you and your dermatologist will become well acquainted.

Living in Scottsdale, I am glad I use Bare Skin Care. With the low humidity, the skin loses its’ plumpness, and wrinkles predominate if a good skin care program is not used. Fortunately I use a good skin care program.

Another thing I have noticed is if I use a cheaper sun block (other than DNA serum), brown spots can accumulate. So now I make sure to keep my hands young by making sure I use DNA Sun Block on my hands as well. Brown spots on the hands are a sure give-away for your age, and the hands are always visible.

On the subject of Costa Rica, we were fortunate to visit two of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen, Playa Matapalo and Playa Linda. They  are on the Pacific side, where the ocean is warm and are only about twenty minutes from Manuel Antonio, the largest tourist attraction in Costa Rica. These same beaches in California would be packed, but in Costa Rica they are sparsely populated, and you can park right at the beach edge under shade trees. You can walk for miles and even ride horses if you so desire. Matapalo is reached now by the recently paved 70 mile an hour road from Quepos and Manuel Antonio.

We stayed in Quepos, where the hotels are more luxurious but the beaches not nearly as nice and very crowded. However, we preferred to take the short drive to the beach in Matapalo. But there are many inexpensive hotels near Matapalo, Dominical and Uvita.

All in all, we found Costa Rica to be a delightful experience.


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