A Lifetime of Wellness: Insights from an Active Octogenarian

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In a world where the pursuit of youth and vitality often seems like an endless battle, there are those who serve as beacons of hope, reminding us that age can be embraced with grace and vigor. I am Dr Charles Bollmann, a sprightly octogenarian in my mid-eighties, who stands as a testament to the possibilities of leading a life brimming with health, vitality, and wisdom. I am not here to boast but rather to SHARE my journey and insights into a Total Wellness Program that has kept me in excellent health and high spirits throughout the years - sort of a “How I did it.”

In my medical practice, many people have asked me, “Is there life after 50?” I can definitely say that there is. I play pickleball 4-5 times per week. Not only that, I play with any age, from 25 and up. And I am asked to play, with all levels. Last month I played with a 6 ft 6 in 30 y/o professional tennis player - and we won both matches. (I only play doubles; after all, I am old). And I am the CEO of BARE SkinCare, a company I developed 25 years ago.

At this time in our society, medicine has progressed to the point where living to 100 and past is not only possible, but soon might be likely. So I thought I would leave a few “pearls” to help your quality of life better.

In medicine, we are taught very early in medical school about “Pearls”, which are certain things we need to learn and which we cannot do without. So here goes:

Pearl 1: Nutrition - Fueling the Body

Good nutrition is the cornerstone of vitality. I do not follow any extreme diets but instead adopt a balanced and sustainable approach, encouraging a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. I believe in moderation, savoring an occasional treat without guilt. For all my women followers, I will say this again - WITHOUT GUILT. I have learned that enjoying food is a vital part of life's pleasures. I go back to Michael Pollan's wise motto – eat food, not too much, mostly vegetables - here “food” refers to shopping for food at the edges of a supermarket instead of that found in the inner portion, where all the processed food is found.

Pearl 2: Exercise - Staying Active - Movement is the key

Keeping physically active is a lifelong commitment. Life is a marathon. One important thing I have learned is that life continues. And continues, And continues. In my forties, I had this feeling that  I would die at age 50. Now I am in my mid-eighties - and still here. For those students of the Bible, “We know not the day nor the hour.”

Regular movement (the new term that I must use because exercise has a bad connotation, according to my daughter) is essential - this can include daily walks, light weightlifting, and stretching exercises. The key is consistency. Find an activity you enjoy, and make it a habit. It's not about competing; it's about staying mobile and feeling good.

Pearl 3: Stress Reduction - Mind and Body

Much of my enduring health is due to stress management. I practiced meditation and mindfulness to keep my mind at ease. Additionally, I believe in the power of laughter and maintain a positive outlook on life. My brother, a Benedictine monk/priest, always told me, “Worrying won't add a single day to your life, don’t worry about anything.” Stress is the enemy; laughter is the best defense.

Pearl 4: Spiritual Values - Finding Purpose

While not overtly religious, I place great importance on spiritual values. For me, this is actually my NUMBER 1, MOST ESSENTIAL, AND MOST IMPORTANT PEARL. Having a sense of purpose and a strong moral compass can significantly impact one's overall well-being. Being kind, helping others, and finding meaning in everyday actions are essential. It's about being a good person and finding contentment in your choices.

Pearl 5: Supplements - Enhancing Health

I freely admit; I take supplements. As we age, these are important in maintaining health and wellness. We are an aging population; no longer dying at age 29, the average age of death in 1900. I still remember learning in medical school that in the year 1900, 33% of babies died in childbirth, and 8% OF THE MOTHERS. Today, a maternal death is a rarity. As I pointed out earlier, we might not want to live until 100, but we might not have that choice. So buckle up.

It is not a good idea to rely on supplements as a panacea. So I take a pragmatic approach, consulting with healthcare professionals to address any specific deficiencies. Supplements should complement your diet, not replace it. Remember, they're not a shortcut to good health.

Fortunately for me, my daughter, KeriLyn Bollmann, MD, FACP, is a leading physician in the field of Integrative Medicine, and an expert in supplements. So she tells me which to take. And she has personally designed the Supplements that we now have in BARE by Dr Bollmann.


As a physician, it has been my privilege to serve my patients over the many years, and I am looking forward to continuing to share and give back for the many gifts I have received in my lifetime. I feel I am a living testament to the power of adopting a holistic approach to wellness that encompasses nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, spiritual values, and supplements - sharing the wisdom and experience that comes with age.

Achieving a fulfilling and active life in your eighties and beyond is possible. It's about embracing the simple joys, maintaining balance, and nurturing your body, mind, and spirit. Take a page from my book and embark on your own wellness journey, knowing that the path to a healthier and happier life is open to all, regardless of age.   

 Who is the poorest person in the world?

     The poorest person in the world is the one with the most desires.

 Hoping you all get to laugh a lot.

P.S. I get compliments on my skin all the time. No surgery or other procedures, just my BARE SkinCare products.




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