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Almost everyone in the world has a cell phone. And the younger generation seems to be using them constantly. Therefore a question arises, does cell phone use cause problems?

Well, the risks of cell phone use is still unknown, especially effects on the brain and as a cause of cancer. But what is known is that cell phones are carriers of bacteria and viruses. This is even more dangerous today due to the arrival of Covid. And that these germs on your phone are also on your hands. Everything you touch ends up on your face, and this can cause acne and other diseases - like Covid. It is important to clean your phone every day, but not with anything too harsh.

An increasing problem, especially for young women, is what I would like to call 'Premature Neck Sag', or PNS. Since most people are looking down at the screen when on the phone, they are developing a sagging neck much younger than occurs with the normal aging process.

I watched a movie recently where a man of about 50 was in a bar trying to pick up a woman of 25. Even though he looked young, she turned him down. He then asked her what gave him away, and she answered, "Your neck."

Sagging of the neck is tough to correct; this is due to several reasons, the main one being the anatomical position of the neck while on the phone. You are usually looking down at the screen. And the head in this position weighs about 60 lbs, compared to the head weight when in an erect position of about 10 lbs. So it drags the skin and causes sagging of the face and neck.

With BARE SkinCare products, we can fix most of the fine wrinkles of the face, using our Complete Skin Care Routine with Retinaldehyde. But the neck is a different story. The skin on the face is thicker than that of the neck, so products can be used more aggressively on the face. But on the neck, they can cause irritation and discomfort. Products are less effective on the neck for that reason.

Another reason for neck sagging is actually not a skin problem, but a muscle problem. The muscles become loose and sag as we age, as occurs with all muscles in the body. Many people can look young with skincare products and other procedures, but neck sagging usually requires surgery. This has been an aging problem for many years. But with PNS, this problem is occurring more frequently in younger women because of extensive use of cell phones.

How to prevent PNS, and even fix it when older (at least improve it). Like anything else in muscle development, move the muscle to strengthen it. I recommend flexing the neck back and forth 3-5 times several times every day, then side-to-side, followed by lateral movements to each side. The more this is done, the better the result. After all, you are moving a 60lb weight with those neck muscles. 

As for prevention, do not use your cell phones as much, and when you do, hold them at eye level to keep from looking down.


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