BARE by Dr Bollmann - Unveiling the Secrets to Optimal Quality of Life

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There are four building blocks for developing an optimal quality of life. The first is self-confidence; next, self-discipline; third, self-sacrifice; and fourth, self-realization. I’ve studied the tenets of various religions and spiritual beliefs over the years and have arrived at the following conclusion: We are here—on this planet—to develop these attributes. The saying “too soon old, too late smart” advises us to pay attention.

The body is a fantastic machine that cannot be duplicated. We think of it as a means for attaining a vibrant and joyful life. But without self-discipline, our dreams of happiness, health and fulfillment will not occur.

Imagine the body as a new car, acquired at birth. Throughout the best days of our youth, we’re thrilled with its snappy performance and shiny perfection. We never think our precious “car” will break down, though future decades of improper care and lack of attention would attest otherwise. Remember, there are no trade-ins for an updated model.  If we’re irresponsible, our older “body machines” will become   pain-racked burdens of misery and disease.

Fortunately, my parents instilled in me—through their words and conduct—the four previously-mentioned building blocks for fostering a good life. As a young man, I set the intention to take care of myself by maintaining proper nutrition, moving the body, reducing stress through meditation and, most importantly, nurturing spiritual practices. As I got older, I also added nutraceutical supplements to enhance my dietary program.

Too many people assume they can evade the work required to keep their bodies healthy. We hear comedians joke about eating fries, avoiding the gym and vegging out and we laugh, but sooner or later the bill for this heedlessness comes due. In conclusion, I strongly advise you to use common sense. Strive to create the optimal body and mind now while you are young, so you can enjoy the life you desire—even into your nineties. 


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