BEST Diet for Weight Loss

 Dr Bollmann, Skin Care Specialist, Anti-Aging Expert

As we get older, many (actually most) people begin to notice a bulge around the middle. That was not important until I noticed MY bulge.

Then my blood pressure and my blood sugar started to go up. And so did my visits to the doctor. 

After much research, I came across a diet that actually worked. It came from a tennis friend who has diabetes. I asked him because I noticed he was the only tennis friend I had with a flat abdomen.

After only ONE week on the diet, I noticed a significant weight loss, and my middle was almost back to normal.

And for a small amount of money I will pass this diet on to you.

Sorry, just kidding; my New Jersey sense of humor still hangs on, even though I live in Arizona.

So, here it is, free of charge: it is a 200 gram daily LOW CARBOHYDRATE diet. If necessary, you can go to 300 grams. It is a very EASY diet. Just count carbs.

BREAKFAST - 30 TO 45 GRAMS - UP TO 60 GRAMS on days of exercise.

15 GRAMS for Morning Snack


15 GRAMS for afternoon snack


15 GRAMS for evening snack

Personally, I prefer not to snack between meals, so I just add the allowed snack amount to my daily meal allowance. I feel the body needs the 4 hours between meals to process the food - advice from a seventh day adventist friend of mine from years ago.
The carbohydrate content is present on all the packaged food you buy, so that is the easy part. Just keep a list of all the foods you eat, and put the carb content next to it. Things like vegetables and others you can look up the carbohydrate content on Google.

Let me know how this works for you - and good luck!

Charles Bollmann, M.D., CEO Bare Skin Care 
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