Does Moisturizer Make Your Skin Worse?

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It is a little known fact that Moisturizers DO NOT ADD MOISTURE to the skin.

So why do we use them? Simply because we do get dry skin. And because advertisers tell us that we need them - daily. Moisturizers can make your skin soft, but that is about it.

In my med-spa, 99% of SENSITIVE SKIN was due to MOISTURIZER ABUSE. And what is moisturizer abuse - simply the daily use of moisturizers. Using a daily moisturizer can thin the skin and make it more sensitive.

The best way to get moisture into the skin - drinking water and a retinoid product. At Bare Skin Care, we use retinaldehyde as our retinoid, because it is better than retinol and less abrasive than Retin-A, which requires a prescription from a doctor.

The most frequent causes of dry skin are too much sun, skiing, and boating. But most of us are not out daily doing these pleasures.

That leaves us to the question - are moisturizers useless.

Well, I did not say that. I said daily use is NOT a good idea. When your skin gets too dry, from the above mentioned activities or even too frequent washing of your face, or using the wrong soap, then a moisturizer can correct this problem.

So limit your moisturizers to when necessary, drink plenty of water, and use Bare Skin Care Vitamin "A" Serum with Retinaldehyde.





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