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Dr Bollmann, Skin Care Specialist

Want to get the best results from your skin care regimen? That's what BareSkinCare was designed for.

I am frequently asked, "What is the best skin care product to use on my face?" Well, there isn't one - that is a myth. The question to ask is, "What is the best skin care program to use on my face."

For best results, skin care products need to be LAYERED. Bare Skin has been designed to be MOST EFFECTIVE when used in a layered program. Each product has a specific function.

If you notice, most of the BareSkin programs have the same ingredients:

        Cleanser - removes all dirt and grime, including make-up

        Toner - further cleanses the skin while acting like a key in a lock to open the cell membrane, allowing other skin products to penetrate deeper into the dermis.

        Anti-Aging Serum - contains multiple ingredients designed for anti-aging; one of the most complete products ever developed.

       Vitamin "A" serum - contains retinaldehyde, developed for BareSkin, with additional ingredients designed to eliminate wrinkles.

       Activator - contains retinol, for wrinkle correction and potentiation of the "A" serum.

       Final Touch - a soothing product which has an element of sun protection against UV rays (not to be used as a sun block).

These products are the Basic BareSkinCare program.

For more advanced problems, like wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, we add Perfect Tone Serum - contains hydroquinone and other bleaching agents, to eliminate melasma and other pigment problems. And Soothe - contains hydrocortisone to help acne and irritation, which can occur from using the retinoids in the other products.

 Of course, BareSkin has other products which complement the programs, like our Natural Young C Serum, Night Cream, and Spin Trap Mask.

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