Joint Health, Bursitis, Ligamentous Injuries, and Arthritis

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Since we are all getting older, I thought this might help some of you with joint and muscle pain. From my daughter, the owner of Vital Medicine for the Soul, 

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Vital Medicine for the Soul | Dr. KeriLyn Bollmann
Stronger Health, Love, Purpose & Perspective Vital Medicine for the Soul combines traditional Western medicine, mind-body medicine, whole health nutrition, manual medicine and movement, and botanicals for optimizing your health, all under one roof!

KeriLyn Bollmann, M.D.

REGENERATIVE MEDICINE. I do not advertise often that I offer the use of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC’s) for musculoskeletal health. This is because the field is wrought with “mills” that lure patients in an unjust fashion offering miracle cures for large sums of money. The truth is, there is good data supporting the use of MSC’s in joint health for both intra- and extra-articular pathology (bursitis, ligamentous injuries, and arthritis, etc.). I have had good success with improvements in pain and function for my patients (and even me personally). The problem is, if it is not offered with a holistic approach to inflammation, including diet, proper movement, mind-body modalities, and high-quality supplements, it may be a waste of resources. It’s important to work with a provider that understands how to help with inflammation, and that there is no one simple cure, but rather a plan that may include multiple modalities for healing. 


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